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Deaf Youngsters go Europe


2019 erwartet Euch ein spannendes Projekt: Reist eine Woche als “DCIG-Botschafter” in ein europäisches Partnerland und lernt CI-Träger aus ganz Europa kennen.

Was Ihr dazu braucht?
Lust auf Abenteuer, Neugierde darauf, wie schwerhöriges Leben dort funktioniert, Englisch-Kenntnisse und Ideen, wie Ihr hinterher über Eure Erfahrungen berichtet. Die Blogwerkstatt nutzen wir, um Euch dabei zu unterstützen.

Das wird individuell verabredet – je nach Euren Wünschen und den Möglichkeiten der Gastgeber.

Wo könnte es hingehen?
Im Augenblick bestehen Angebote aus Italien, Georgien und Spanien. Aber wir sind erst am Anfang…
Die Unterkunft wäre in B&Bs möglich oder gleich bei den Gastgebern, je nach Möglichkeiten und Wunsch.

Deaf Youngsters go Europe

Why does Europe matter – particularly for hearing impaired people?
As simple as it is – Europe is not really present in DCIG yet. There seems to be no sense in being engaged in European structures in the context of hearing impairment. In particular it is not present in everyday life or in personal contacts.
Thus we want to offer young members of DCIG the chance to get in touch with people from other European countries and to get a feeling of what benefits we could gain in having contacts in Europe – particularly in behalf of hearing-impairment!

What are the aims of the project?

By this project we aim to

  • start a discussion about what is common all over European countries and what is more specific
  • find out where there are solutions, ideas or just thoughts about problems from which we can learn or get new ideas from each other
  • find out what kind of problems we could tackle together?
  • getting critical reflected about things how they are here and there
  • getting the young people experienced in working in projects from the beginning to the end
  • encourage young hearing-impaired people to go to another country, enhancing their language capacities and getting self-confident by managing a week abroad
  • The project is for young hard-of-hearing adults between 18 and 30 years with CI or hearing aid that use spoken language. They should have good to excellent knowledge in English or another European language.

How does it work?
We will offer a kick-off-workshop in Germany in March 2019 to find out the specific interests of the young people. In this workshop we will define the framework of the individual projects, make a sketch of research questions and define the way of presenting their results. Together we will get in contact to hosting organizations or people and arrange the journey. Whether they will stay in hosting families or in B&Bs is a matter of personal arrangement.

What do we expect from the hosts?
We just would be glad for a warm, friendly welcome and a supportive attitude. Perhaps you will be interested in accompanying your guests on their way to get the information they need? Or you know someone who knows someone? Perhaps you will engage in a dialogue about what is different between your country and Germany?

What do we not expect from the hosts?
We don’t expect any kind of financial support!

In which language we can talk to each other?
English will be the preferred language.

If you are interested in supporting the young delegates of DCIG please send a message to:

Hauptstraße 43
D-89250 Senden
phone: +49 7307 925 7474

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